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Tell us what makes your teacher rock!

Got a favorite teacher? Give them some well-deserved kudos by entering them in our My Teacher Rocks Contest

  • Now through May 10 – Fill out an entry form and nominate your favorite teacher
  • May 11 – We’ll choose the best 5 nominations and post them right here on this page of our website
  • May 12 – Voting begins on the web (Get all your family, friends and classmates to vote!)
  • May 18 – Voting ends at noon
  • May 19 – Winner will be announced online

The winning teacher will be recognized with a $50 Gift Card and a “School Supply Cake” for being an awesome educator in our community.

You will win a $20 Gift Card and a Pizza Party for your entire class!

Thank you for being wonderful patients and amazing students! We can’t wait to hear about your rocking teachers!

Click here for a Nomination Form