2019 Candy Buy Back A Sweet Success!

This is what 2,910 lbs of candy looks like! No need to sugar-coat it, our 2019 Candy Buy Back was a success! Dr. Becher and her staff send a huge thank you to all patients who donated sweet treats for our military personnel!

Altogether, Dr. Becher’s office collected – 97 boxes at 30 pounds each!  Fifty pounds of candy went to an active military unit in Austin, while a box truck hauled 2,400 pounds to four active military units in Killeen. We wish to thank Operation Gratitude, who assisted with additional coordination to help us find local units to donate to.

Again, we send sincere thanks to all our patients for their generosity and commend you for your commitment to avoid sticky sweets around Halloween as your smiles straighten. We know it is a tricky task, and we appreciate your effort.

As 2019 comes to a close and we say hello to the ’20s, we have more fun events and patient contests scheduled. Keep your eyes glued to our contests and events page for updates!

We hope our patients and their families have a terrific holiday season!

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