Announcing Our “Selfie Smile Contest” Winners

We were astounded by all the smiling faces we saw during our “Selfie Smile Contest,” which ran from June 14th to August 31st!

We had three categories patients could submit a photo for: Funniest Selfie, Most Colorful Selfie, and Most Unusual Selfie. We selected finalists for a gallery for each category and let you – our voting public – have your say.

Congratulations to our winners!

*Funniest Selfie – Ariana
*Most Colorful Selfie – Madeline
*Most Unusual Selfie – Tiffany

Each winner is now the owner of a Brookstone Bluetooth Speaker, and they can enjoy their favorite tunes wherever and whenever they want … even as they brush and floss!

Thanks to everyone who submitted selfie entries for this contest. We will have more fun events as we head into the holiday season, keep your eyes to our Contests page.

Smile-Selfie-Winners-for-Blog Mary Kay Becher DDS in Austin TX

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