Dillo Dollars

As part of our continued commitment to promote dental hygiene and patient compliance, we are excited to offer our “Dillo Dollars” program to our patients.

Here’s how it works:

When we put your braces on, you will receive 3 Dillo Dollars, just for being there!  You can be eligible for up to 3 additional Dillo Dollars per regular appointment for each of the following things:

  • Being on time for your appointment
  • Presenting with excellent dental hygiene (no plaque accumulation on teeth and no red/swollen gum tissue)
  • No broken or loose bands, brackets, wires, appliances, etc.

Your orthodontic assistant for that day will give you your earned Dillo Dollars.  Don’t forget to ask!

As you check out, you can purchase items from the display case, or save them to buy more expensive items later on.  But it is your responsibility to keep up with your own Dillo Dollars in between appointments!