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Congratulations to Our “Mom Is the Bomb” Contest Winner Savannah!

We asked our patients to submit essays about their mothers or maternal figures and we were truly touched by all the heartfelt responses we received. We have selected Savannah as the winner of our “Why Is Your Mom the Bomb?” Contest. Savannah spoke to her mother’s love, patience, energy, and great sense of humor!

Savannah’s mom wins a mobile auto detailing certificate! (They’ll have a fresh clean car for singing car karaoke – one of their favorite pastimes!)

Congrats again to Savannah, and thank you to all who submitted essays. We appreciate the hard work and support your mothers contribute during your orthodontic treatment with Dr. Becher

More contests and fun events await throughout the summer! Keep your eyes on our Contest page!

Are Braces Making Your Morning Breath Worse?

Morning Breath Austin TXWe all know what it’s like to have morning breath. But those of us with braces may have morning breath that is a little stronger than most.

Dry Mouth and Morning Breath

The most common cause of morning breath is dry mouth. When you sleep, your body is not able to produce as much saliva. This is done so that you can stay asleep longer and not have to constantly swallow.

Why is saliva so important? Saliva is a crucial part of oral health because it washes away food and sugar particles left behind when we eat. This reduces acid and helps balance pH levels in the mouth.Read More

Breakfast And Oral Health

Breakfast Austin TXWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how important is it to our oral health?

The Breakfast Effect

Think about your typical first meal of the day. Is it hot or cold? Does it have a lot of sugar in it? Is it balanced? In the United States, cereals and pastries are the most popular choices for breakfast but are not the healthiest for our teeth.

These unhealthy choices are often loaded with sugar and can have damaging effects on your teeth, gums and fixed appliances as well. Failure to brush and floss after eating breakfast could lead to even greater problems in the near future.Read More

6 Foods For A Brighter Smile

Foods For A Brighter Smile Austin TXYou just took a photo with friends but notice that your smile isn’t as white as everyone else’s. Did you know that there are natural ways to brighten your tooth enamel? Even better, the solution could already be in your kitchen. To help you put your best smile forward, here are six foods that make a whiter smile.


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know it also keeps the stains away as well? Apples contain a high concentration of malic acid, which helps remove stains and clean the teeth. Malic acid can also be found in some toothpaste.Read More

Our Pet Photo Winner Makes An Appearance!

We were pleased to have a visit from mother and son Geeta and Kai (both patients of Dr. Becher) and their pet Papillion Morgan. They are the winners of last month’s “Cutest Pet Facebook Contest.” A posted photo entry of Morgan (who is fifteen years old!) garnered the most likes and shares on Facebook. The family is enjoying their prize – a Furbo Dog Camera. Congrats again Geeta and Kai!

Pet photo contest winner

More fun contests and chances to win cool prizes are on the horizon. Check our contest page here.

Announcing Our “Parents Appreciation” Contest

At the office of Mary K. Becher, DDS, PA we know that ‘rents rock!! The parents of our patients play a key role in helping their kids throughout the orthodontic treatment process – this contest is our way of saying “Thank you, parents!”

We’re asking patients to submit short essays about why their “Mom is the Bomb” or why their “Dad is So Rad!”

Patients are permitted to submit essays for both parents. Selected finalists for both “Mom” and “Dad” essays will be entered into a final raffle, where we’ll draw two winners for a Mobile Auto detailing certificate!

Check out our contest page for more information on essay deadlines, where to submit them, and more. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Thank you, moms and dads of our patients, for everything you do each day! We appreciate it!