Pet Drive at Mary Kay Becher DDS, PA in Austin TX – Week 2


Orthodontist Dr. Mary Kay Becher DDS, PA in Austin, TX is happy to be hosting a Pet Supply Drive for Austin Pets Alive!

For every pet item donated, receive one entry into Dr. Becher and Dr. Rangwala’s Apple Watch drawing December 17th. Check our blog each week to see another featured pet that is available for adoption. This week’s featured pet is Sadie!

Featured Pet Sadie Mary Kay Becher Pets Alive Drive 2015 Austin TX

All About Sadie

• Female

• Australian Kelpie Mix

• Current Weight: 46 lbs

• Born 6/3/2006

• Current Age: 9 years, 5 months

• Tan Colored

• Spayed

Are you looking for a dog with prior experience on her resume? Sadie is supposed to be entering her doggie golden years, but it doesn’t appear that anybody sent her the memo. She is healthy and fit, and has a good amount of energy for a dog her age.

Now in foster care, she adores her human friends and wants to be with them at all times, showering them with affection, giving kisses and asking for petting and belly rubs. She is delighted to be invited to cuddle in bed.

Sadie loves to take care of her duck, bear and elephant toys, carrying them around the house like babies, grooming them and making sure they’re safe in her bed. She also loves to chase tennis balls and could play fetch for hours at a time. Sadie would prefer to be the only dog but is currently successfully sharing her foster home with a cat. She’s been nervous around children so would be best with older children or an adult home only.

Sadie Featured Pet Mary Kay Becher Pets Alive Drive 2015 Austin TXShe has good potential as a walking or jogging partner. She loves going for morning jogs
and can hike miles of trails, but can pull hard and seems somewhat fearful of other dogs on leash. It should be noted that Sadie has tested positive for heartworms. It’s a treatable condition, and the cost is covered by APA! donors! You can read about heartworm treatment here: Sadie is the smartest girl ever and seems to understand exactly what her people are saying. She’s also a goofball, rolling in the grass, then making sure you know she’s there if you need her.

She so wants to be part of a family that she’s eager to fit in. If her people sit on the couch, she does too. If they want to dress her up, she’s a perfet model. If they’re ready to go out, she’s at the door with her leash. She just wants to be part of a family team. If your family needs a wonderful team player, come meet this funny, loving caretaker.

To learn more about Sadie, view her video below.

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