Clear ceramic braces

Getting braces is the first step to a happier and healthier smile. While many patients want to get started, they don’t like the appearance of traditional braces. With clear braces, you’ll have a nearly invisible set of brackets as you straighten your teeth. Also known as ceramic braces, clear braces are a popular option for teens and adults who want a less noticeable form of treatment.

Clear braces use a tooth-colored ceramic material for every part of your fixtures. The brackets blend in with the color of your teeth so you can continue to smile wide without your friends or colleagues noticing. Patients with clear bracket braces enjoy the best of both worlds when they choose a partner like Becher & Gil Orthodontics to get them started.

Who’s a good fit for clear braces?

Ceramic braces are great for any kid or adult who wants a less noticeable option for orthodontic alignment. Almost any patient who qualifies for traditional braces could also choose clear braces. Both clear and traditional braces use the same technology to get the job done, so the primary difference is in their appearance.

There are many reasons patients might choose clear bracket braces. These appliances are effective and fixed to your teeth throughout treatment, so you never have to remember to take them out or put them in.

Patients also choose clear braces for these key benefits:

  • Discreet appearance: Patients will enjoy a virtually invisible set of braces with brackets that mimic the natural color of their teeth.
  • Traditional effectiveness: Ceramic braces are functionally identical to conventional braces.

Teens, adolescents and adults are common recipients of ceramic braces. “Invisible” braces encourage teens to smile wider for prom pictures and help adults feel confident in their treatment. At Becher & Gil Orthodontics, the choice is yours.

Customized treatment plans for ceramic braces

Our first step for your treatment is listening. Before we make any decisions, we’ll hold a consultation where you can describe your needs and ask questions about any form of braces. Our compassionate and friendly team will walk you through standard practices and develop a treatment plan that fits you best.

With our advanced industry equipment, we’ll get an accurate image of your orthodontic needs. After our assessment, we can help you determine if clear braces are right for you. If we agree that it’s a good fit, we’ll get started and support your treatment with regular check-ins.

How much do clear braces cost?

Orthodontic treatments depend on the patient’s needs, so the cost of ceramic braces will differ between patients. We’ll work to suit your budget and offer payment plans if necessary. Our team and your insurance provider can guide you through the financial process to answer any of your questions.

Schedule your consultation to begin ceramic braces treatment

When you’re ready to begin orthodontic treatment, we can help you find your best option. If you want discreet and effective treatment, clear braces may be a great fit. Enjoy personalized and compassionate orthodontic help from our Becher & Gil Orthodontics team.