SURESMILE Orthodontic treatment

In conventional orthodontics, a orthodontist uses a plaster model and 2-D x-rays to determine a general treatment plan.  The finishing positions for your teeth are developed over time through frequent monitoring visits.  As a result, the finishing stage of treatment where the fine alignments are made can take as long as the major adjustments.

SureSmile® was developed specifically for digital orthodontic treatment.   The average treatment time with SureSmile is 30% faster than conventional braces. An i-CAT® 3D model of the patient’s teeth allows the bite to be seen from any angle.  The orthodontist then uses the model and SureSmile computer simulations to determine the best treatment plan.  Once the orthodontist finalizes the patient’s unique prescription, SureSmile calculates the most efficient movement for each tooth.  The target position of each tooth is planned in advance, so you’ll know what outcome to expect.

 How does SureSmile work?

  • Step One:  Advanced Imaging:  SureSmile creates a 3-D computer model of your bite by using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth using our state of the art i-CAT® 3-D imaging system.
  • Step Two: Prescriptive Planning:  With the 3-D model, the doctor can now see your teeth from any angle and how they fit together.  SureSmile Treatment Planning software provides virtual simulation tools that allow the doctor to determine the final position of your teeth and the most effective plan for your unique treatment needs.
  • Step Three: Robotic Accuracy:  Once your treatment plan is determined, SureSmile directs a robot to bend a shape memory alloy archwire according to your doctor’s prescription.  The wire is designed to deliver gentle forces needed to move your teeth consistently and directly to their desired finishing position.  These archwires are made of “shape memory alloy” made by heating Copper Ni-Ti® metal to over 1,000°F during the robotic customization process.  These “smart” wires permanently retain your individual prescription and are activated by your own body heat.