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Are you searching for a place to receive braces in Austin, Texas? Consider Dr. Mary Kay Becher and Dr. Avery Gil when you want to start improving your smile. We offer several braces treatments to help you achieve a healthier, straighter smile.

What Are the Benefits of Braces Treatment?

While braces give you a stunning, straight smile, there are other advantages to receiving braces treatment beyond cosmetics. Some other benefits of braces treatment include:

  • Supports digestion: Chewing ensures your stomach can easily digest the food you eat. Sometimes having misaligned teeth makes breaking the food into tiny pieces challenging. When you straighten your teeth with braces, you have a better chance of chewing thoroughly, making your food more digestible.
  • Improves overall oral health: Having straight teeth makes it easier to brush and floss properly. Braces will help align your teeth, so you have enough space in between each tooth to clean your teeth correctly.
  • Prevents bone erosion: The bones that hold your teeth in place can begin eroding when exposed to bacteria. Misaligned teeth are often proponents of bone erosion — they create open spaces where bacteria linger and place extra force on the teeth and gums. Braces help prevent bone erosion by limiting the spaces so that there’s no place for bacteria or plaque.

Types of Braces We Offer

Any braces you choose will help you achieve the gorgeous smile you want. At Mary Kay Becher Orthodontist, we offer several types of braces, including:

  • SureSmile: Dr. Becher uses advanced technology to create a customized wire that will smoothly move your teeth into the proper position over time. SureSmile lets us create a 3D computer model of your bite, then develop an effective treatment plan based on simulations for the best way to straighten your teeth. Treatment takes less time and is more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Self-Ligating Braces: These braces use brackets with technology-integrated clips to hold wires in place instead of traditional rubber bands. Wire adjustments can be faster and more comfortable by using these special brackets.
  • Invisible Braces (Lingual Braces): You can straighten your teeth without showing your braces. Invisible braces attach to the inside, or lingual side, of your teeth and use self-ligating technology to straighten them. While lingual braces can work on the bottom, it’s typical only to use them on the top teeth.
  • Clear Braces: As a great alternative to traditional braces, clear braces straighten your teeth without the metal. The brackets use clear or tooth-colored materials to make them look virtually invisible on teeth. Clear braces also use self-ligating technology, limiting the need for rubber bands.

Why Choose Us?

When you need braces treatment in Austin, Mary Kay Becher Orthodontist is here for you. We have a high commitment to understanding your needs and providing the best orthodontic treatment possible. We deliver individualized care on top of friendly, professional and honest services to ensure you receive a healthier, straighter smile.

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