Getting your teeth straight doesn’t mean much if they don’t stay that way! Your teeth and jaws continue to move and change as a part of the aging and growth process.

Once your braces come off, our orthodontists will discuss how to keep your new beautiful smile looking its best. This may mean the placement of permanent bonded wire retainers on the inside surfaces of your teeth. It could also mean wearing a removable retainer device. If you want to keep your beautiful smile intact, you will need to wear these retainers as instructed by your doctor, many times for life.

Your original treatment contract includes one set of retainers after the braces are removed and retainer checks for two years. If the retainers are lost or damaged due to neglect, there will be a charge for replacement. If the retainers become loose or break, contact our office immediately. Because they are worn for years, your retainers will also need periodic replacement. Your doctor will discuss your retainers in more detail with you on a case-by-case basis.

Caring for your retainers

  • Brush your teeth as well as your retainers after every meal. Use a toothbrush and liquid soap/dishwashing liquid to clean all surfaces. You may also soak your retainers in solutions especially designed for cleaning retainers or dentures once a week for 15 minutes to remove any tartar build-up.
  • If your retainer is not in your mouth, IT SHOULD BE IN ITS CASE! And do not ever wrap your retainer in a napkin or paper towel. Most appliances are lost in school lunch rooms or restaurants by being accidentally thrown away.
  • Pets think appliances make great chew toys! Please be sure to keep them out of your pet’s reach!
  • Retainers are made of a thermoplastic material that is sensitive to excessive heat. They should be kept away from hot water, heaters, dishwashers, car dashboards or any place where the temperatures exceed 115 degrees (Fº).
  • Do not bite them into place. Always use your fingers to seat them.
  • If you lose or break a retainer, call us immediately. Your teeth will shift if retainers are not worn.