Teeth crowding correction

Tooth crowding can make you self-conscious, but there are orthodontic treatment options to help you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. The best orthodontists in South Austin at Becher & Gil Orthodontics are here to help you with modern teeth overcrowding correction options, customized just for you.

What causes teeth crowding?

Teeth crowding is most commonly genetic. When someone’s jaw is just not large enough to accommodate growing adult teeth, overcrowding and other issues are the most common results. Besides genetics, overcrowding can also be caused by:

  • Too many teeth.
  • Early loss of baby teeth.
  • Larger teeth, which can be genetic or caused by some medical conditions.
  • Irregular or unusual tooth growth.

Symptoms of dental crowding

Dental crowding is usually easy to see. Teeth may come in crooked, overlapping each other or growing at odd angles because there is not enough room. You may also notice these symptoms:

  • Overbite or overjet.
  • Difficulty flossing your teeth.
  • Frequent cavities and tooth decay.
  • Difficulty eating or biting.
  • Jaw pain.
  • Overlapped teeth.

How is lower teeth crowding treated?

There are a few treatments available for tooth crowding:

  • Braces: Braces can properly align teeth, spacing them out and addressing teeth growing at unusual angles.
  • Clear aligners: Clear aligners are worn over the teeth and are virtually invisible. They can also be removed for eating and brushing. Every few weeks, patients get a new set of aligners to gradually move teeth into correct alignment.
  • Spacers: Spacers are placed between some teeth to create an additional gap. They are usually worn for a short time before braces, so there is room for teeth to move into.
  • Extractions: If there are simply too many teeth, removing some and then using braces or other treatment methods may be needed to create enough space for correct alignment.
  • Retainers: After orthodontic treatment, you may get retainers to keep your teeth properly aligned.

Benefits of teeth crowding correction

Addressing dental crowding is important. Having teeth correctly aligned with enough space between offers several benefits:

  • With enough space between your teeth, you can floss and brush effectively, helping reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions caused by poor oral hygiene.
  • Correct space between teeth helps you avoid bad mouth odors by helping you clean your mouth and teeth effectively.
  • Dental crowding correction can make it easier to bite and chew, which can reduce the risk of stomach upset in some cases.
  • A beautiful smile may make you feel more confident.
  • Correction of dental crowding can reduce or eliminate jaw pain.

Why choose Becher & Gil Orthodontics?

Becher & Gil Orthodontics is here for all Austin patients who are experiencing teeth crowding or other orthodontic conditions. Our cutting-edge treatment and reassuring office environment provide premier treatment and a setting where patients of all ages can feel comfortable. Our goal is simple — to help you enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.

At Becher & Gil Orthodontics, our team customizes all treatments. It all starts with our free initial consultation. Over about an hour, we take your medical history and ask about your goals so we can customize a treatment plan just for you. If you’ve noticed dental crowding or need help with another orthodontic issue, make an appointment at Becher & Gil Orthodontics.