Congratulations to our Rediscover Austin contest Winner

We want to congratulate our winner of the “Rediscover Austin” photo contest, Samantha!

Rediscover Austin winner Austin Smile Fixer

Samantha managed to take a photo with her Mary Kay Becher Orthodontics t-shirt at all ten of the destinations we listed in our scavenge hunt challenge! As a result of Samantha’s participation in this contest, her name was drawn to win 4 Passes to the Escape Game Austin!  We are hoping she has a lot of fun there!

Pardon Our Progress


PARDON OUR PROGRESS”, but it is time for our building to catch up with our technology!  We have awesome changes in the works for you!  Our remodel will be August 22-29th, with most of the renovations complete but we will have some mess for a little while.

Please bear with us, it will be worth it!  Also – come in and play our “Guess the Weight of the Nails” game to win a $20 Target gift card!

Orthodontics Has Come A Long Way In 50,000 Years

Orthodontics history Austin TXOrthodontics evolution…for you history buffs, did you know that archeologists found crooked teeth in human remains dating back 50,000 years as reported by Norman Wahl in the AJODO ?

Like days of old, the aesthetics of teeth thru time has always been the primary concern when it comes to our smiles. However, it was the occlusion (bite) that gave orthodontics its scientific foundation and why it has progressed into the advanced technology available today with traditional metal braces, clear braces, and clear aligners called Invisalign.

Lets Follow the Orthodontic Timeline

Read more on Orthodontics Has Come A Long Way In 50,000 Years…

Tongue Thrust – Defined

tongue thrust austin txTongue thrust…what is it? Our bodies are always breathing, blinking, staying balanced and doing a thousand other things we don’t notice to stay healthy and happy. But, the side effects of doing these unconscious behaviors wrong may create health problems that often go unnoticed or untreated.

Take for example, the way people chew and swallow food. For nearly everyone, consuming food comes natural and we never consciously think about the way we do it. But, doing it wrong can have nasty consequences. Infants swallow with their tongues thrusted against their gums, which is fine for babies and very young children, but not for adolescents, teenagers or adults.Read more on Tongue Thrust – Defined…