Benefits of braces

Today, orthodontic treatment is simple, convenient and affordable for patients of all ages. And there are three main reasons why people seek orthodontic treatment:

  1. A beautiful smile and improved self-confidence
  2. Better oral health
  3. Proper oral function

A beautiful smile and improved self-confidence

The most visible benefit of undergoing orthodontic treatment is the improved appearance and self-esteem that comes from a straight, beautiful smile! It has been shown that a better appearance can help a person’s academic, professional and personal success, and that one of the most significant factors of appearance is a wide, bright smile. Having a beautiful smile can help a patient look and feel better about themselves [grammar?], which can have a significant impact on every aspect of their life. Certain appliances, used in conjunction with braces, can modify the facial bone structure of a growing patient and improve the growth pattern of the jaws. This is why orthodontics has gained such popularity over the last few decades among children and adults alike.

Better oral health

Orthodontics improves oral health in many ways. Straight teeth are healthier and also easier to brush and floss, minimizing the risk for developing periodontal disease (gum disease). Teeth in proper alignment have less plaque build-up leading to healthier gums and fewer cavities. Also, certain bite issues can lead to damage to the teeth (fracture or abnormal wear of the enamel) and/or gums. Improper tooth alignment may cause gum recession, contributing to periodontal disease.

Proper oral function

Some bite issues make it hard to chew, bite, enunciate certain sounds, or just find a comfortable place for the jaws to rest in. These functional problems can lead to clenching, grinding, muscle fatigue and spasm, which have been linked to jaw joint (TMJ) dysfunction, headaches, and neck pain. By creating a healthier bite through orthodontic treatment, these problems may be prevented or alleviated.

Are you a candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is not merely for improving the aesthetics of the smile; orthodontic treatment improves bad bites (malocclusions). Malocclusions occur as a result of tooth or jaw misalignment. Malocclusions affect the way you smile, chew, clean your teeth or feel about your smile.

Why should malocclusions be treated?

According to studies by the American Association of Orthodontists, untreated malocclusions can result in a variety of problems. Crowded teeth are more difficult to properly brush and floss, which may contribute to tooth decay and/or gum disease. Protruding teeth are more susceptible to accidental chipping. Crossbites can result in unfavorable growth and uneven tooth wear. Open bites can result in tongue-thrusting habits and speech impediments. Ultimately, orthodontics does more than make a pretty smile—it creates a healthier you.